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31 July 2004

The Magnetic Fields

Some time ago, while I was listening to Indie Pop Rocks on SomaFM they played "Love is Lighter Than Air" by The Magnetic Fields. Fortunately for me, streamripper was there to allow me to timeshift that song for later on.

What a good song!!!

So I went looking and located an EP called "The House of Tomorrow" (iTunes). I like it too, so I wasn't afraid to go out and find a few more albums. It was pretty easy to locate "69 Love Songs", voumes 1, 2 and 3 (iTunes). This is good music.

I am not much of a critic, but I will attempt to describe their music.

It is at times erratic and almost always irreverant. Stephen Merritt doesn't seem to be afraid of experimentation at all. The songs vary so much in styles. Some of them are catchy pop tunes with melodies that are easy to remember. Others are synthy and speak to the 80s. Yeah, the 80s. Some of the songs suck, but that is forgiveable. Over all, each of the albums are excellent.

Go out and buy some Magnetic Fields.