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23 May 2005

Garden Status: 23 May 2005

I got the last things in the ground this weekend: onions. I know they are way late, but that didn't stop them last year, and I think I waited until June then.

The tomatoes appear healthy. The night-time lows this week are all in the 50s, so I expect them to really take off.

the peppers are ok. They take so long that I never really even give them a look until July, when maybe there are a few fruit.

The broccoli I started from seed are surprising me. They looked kind of wimpy after I transplanted them, but its been two weeks and they are all looking healthy.

The squash and melons have grown somewhat since I transplanted them. Some of them have me worried, because it looks the the growing tips have been gnawed off. I'll have to wait and see what happens there. The only sad part is that it appears that the watermelong might not make it.

To my delight, the peas planted two weeks ago have emerged. The week after I planted them, it was wet and cold. I thought they would have just rotted, but they are coming up very well. I thought the same thing of the beans I planted, but some of them have started to shoot up. Not as many as I like, but at least I have more seeds I can plant.

I cut up and buried an old sweet potato, just to see what happens with this. I know it might have been a bad idea, as I have no knowledge of what diseases the potato could be carrying, but curiosity got the best of me. I'll keep and eye on it.