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09 May 2005

Garden Status: 9 May 2005

Ok. The tomatoes didn't do that well. Most of them bit it because I failed to sufficiently harden them off. The good news is that I am left with one Cherokee Purple and one Black Krim, so at least I will get some dark tomatoe lovin' at the end of the summer.

The peppers I set out fared much better. That is, until the !@#$%^&* grasshoppers and slugs got to them. After a round of poision and a week of recovery, I think they will be ok.

The melons and the squash appear to be hardened off. I left them outside in the sun all day yesterday and look like they're going to survive. I stuck them in the cold frame this morning. If they are still alive when I get home from work, I will call the process done.

On satuday I planted beans and radishes. I hoped to get the peas in but it started to rain. Maybe I'll get that done tonight.