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18 August 2005

Garden Status: 18 Aug 2005

Beans are really coming in. We picked 1.5-2.0 lbs last night. And probably 6-7 pounds of cherry tomatoes. The summer squash (yellow) continue to do well--I wished I had planted more than one plant. The winter squash (butternut) are setting up well too.

My tomatoes are all doubling over because the fruit is heavy. One of these years I will make a decent support system for them.

We pulled up a few carrots last night too. They were good. I have noticed three pumpkins and two watermelons. The sweet potato vines are everywhere.

In other news, we had some catastrophic winds Monday night. The maple tree in our back yard was snapped in two. The bean house was more or less disassembled and cracked in two places. I will have to reconstruct it for next year (and enforced with rebar or something). Until then, it will have to hobble along for the rest of the season.

The boys really like it, and it does a good job with the beans. My only regret this year is that the variety of beans I chose (one of the only pole varieties I could find in stores) did not climb as high as I would have liked. I plan on using Kentucky Wonder next year.