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09 September 2005

The Problems With Servlets...

...are these:
1. they require too much configuration (I'm thinking mainly of context.xml and web.xml).
2. they carry a lot of baggage (way more versatile than just for HTTP).
3. there are no lightweight servlet containers.

If an application is only interested in dynamically generating HTTP and maybe a little session/application management, then geesh, let's just make it that simple.

I've been toying around with Ooweb lately, and its brevity is a refreshing change. I was able to get a simple application up and going in a matter of minutes. No XML tweaking required.

Will it scale?** I don't know, but I don't have my head buried in 1,000 line configuraiton files anymore.

** Ha ha. I've seen a few Tomcat solutions that would not pass this test. I think any technology that can handle its core job(s) competently can be made to scale.