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14 December 2005

Construction & Death

This is a dichotomous entry. First--constructors.

All I have to say is this--you know things have gone horribly wrong when a class has nine (one less than ten) constructors. I encountered this recently.

Next, death. As in Deathcab for Cutie. These guys have been around for many years. I first heard of them about three years ago (on SomaFM). That quickly led to an obsession with The Postal Service (which I like more).

Their sound is organic, but polished and moving. Years of making music together really show. The lyrics present a depth that, to me, is unusual even among recent top indie acts.

Anyway, check them out. Their current single is "Soul Meets Body." If you watch much VH1 (I do**), you have heard this one if you've seen the video where the musical notes are floating through the sky and dying.

** So much VH1 lately because I've been up nights with my new daughter. There isn't much on at 2 in the morning, but at least all the MTVs and VH1 are showing videos!