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18 January 2006

Love Monkey

I tuned into CBS last night to watch the premier of Love Monkey. Everything in this entry comes from the perspective of a huge Ed fan. Here is my analysis of where they went right and wrong.

It appears they are at least trying to keep it somewhat quirky. The character Tom retains some of the quixotic ideals of Ed though--and that is fun to watch play out. Life is full of charming compromises for that sort of person.

I wish there was a "Phil" type of character. Hmmm.

CBS seems to have taken the right position of not trying to convince viewers this is a show about romance (it will probably happen later though). That was one of the biggest problems with Ed--the previews overplayed the romance side, which actually turned out to be only a narrow sideband of the shows overall spectrum. Kudos to CBS for getting that right (for now).

Overall, I liked it. I'll tune in next week.

Ironic Note: It struck me as funny that the first episode was about Toms character trying to convince a young musician to join up with a smaller, underdog label. There were many references deploring the state of the music industry and major label records. The person potraying the musician, Wayne, is Teddy Geiger, who wouldn't you know it, has just been signed by Sony. Guess which studio is producing Love Monkey? Right--Sony. I sense a pimping in the works. Or is this the new American Idol?