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04 November 2006


I got interested in MythTV sometime last year. After a few false starts, I finally got around to finishing a system last week. I've never had a DVR before, so this is my first experience with any kind of DVR system.

I have to say: it is really neat. I've already wasted mounds of time.

Here are the relevant specs on my setup:
* MythTV 0.20
* Hauppauge PVR-150
* nVidia GeForce 5500
* Ubuntu 6.10
* Samsung Syncmaster 205BW (widescreen) display
* Dish Network

It was hard to find good online documentation describing how to change channels on my dish receiver from the built-in Hauppauge blaster. Most, it seems, give up and use a serial blaster. With the help of a blog entry, I figured it out.

I kept detailed notes during the process mainly so that I can do it again when I need to, but also to help others. Here are my notes.