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08 July 2007

Buffalo WHR-G125

Circuit City ran a sale on SOHO routers last week. I picked up a new Buffalo Tech. WHR-G125. The Buffalo routers have a good reputation for being reflashable and I've wanted to try dd-wrt or OpenWrt for a while now. Plus, at $25 after rebates, the price was right.

Probably because it is a relatively new product, the WHR-G125 has its own special firmware section on the dd-wrt website. I used the 4 July build (unless they are using European convention--the 7 April build). Installation could not have been simpler. I followed the instructions posted on the wiki with no problems.

Here are the fun ways I deviated from the standard configuration: 1) turned ssh on (port 23), mounted a CIFS share so that I could have a lot of space, and 3) turned on bandwidth monitoring.

Future wastes-of-time include experimenting with some of the hotspot features (chilispot) and setting up a bridge to connect my network to my inlaws down the street. They have the mongo-250 channel package from DishNetwork and I'm thinking about paying for another tuner on their account and putting a MythTv slave in their basement. Fun stuff.