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26 April 2008

Moving finished

I've finished moving everything over. My blog, my website, my email, etc. I didn't realize how many services I had running on that 300 Mhz PIII in my basement until I decided I wanted to shut the the machine off.

It looks like the only thing that didn't make it was pictures from the old blog. I thought that blogger was importing them automatically, but it appeared to be hot-linking them instead.

I don't know if my motivation goes that far. I don't remember which of all posts have images in the first place, so I would a) have to figure that out and b) figure out which image was linked. All images are in the photo archive anyway, so it isn't that big of a deal to me.

In some ways, this is the end of an era. Years ago, I always thought it would be cool to host my website out of the house. Broadband internet was new then and the nerd factor of having it all down in my basement was high. A few hardware failures later, I find I don't feel quite the same way anymore. I've always been good about keeping backups of all my data, but the level of butt-pain from knowing the website was down after a PSU failed was quite high. I won't miss that.