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14 September 2009

id3 for Python

I've been meaning to package up some python code I wrote earlier this year and release it for free as open source software.  Several things held me back from doing this.  The biggest reason, by far, is that I'm still not proficient at python, and feel like I'm exposing myself by putting this code out for the world to see.

But then I remembered that my blog doesn't have a lot of readers anyway.  So no worries there.  And besides, maybe I can garner some constructive criticism to make my python code better.  :)

This library is capable of reading most any correct Id3v2.3 or 2.4 tag, some incorrect ones, and then fails gracefully when things get hopeless.  (I run smoke tests on my mp3 collection, which has a lot of nasty debris from the Napster years.) 

It supports unicode, and does a good job handing PIC/APIC tags.  I should also mention it is in production at Tagfriendly.

For those that do come across this, I'm still trying to figure something out.  All the documentation I've come across says that I should structure my directories as such:


I include inside the id3/ directory because that's where I think it should go.  But then when I build and test the module, the only way I can access the code is if I import id3.id3, but I wish I only had to import id3.  Clearly, I'm not doing something right.

My solution, and I know this isn't right, is to do away with the id3/ directory altogether and just have rubbing elbows with and  Anyone know what gives?

Well, enough of all that... id3 for Python is available at

P.S.  Thanks to my friends on IRC for reminding me about this.


bblackmoor said...

lable. I am planning to convert a php MP3 tagging script I wrote several years ago to Pythin, and I am glad that I have something like this to help me.