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01 December 2010

Introducing Casserole

I've you've done much work with Cassandra clusters, you've probably gotten very familiar with bin/nodetool, which is the command line utility for poking Cassandra nodes.  If you are like most people, you have probably developed a love/hate relationship with it (your -h and -p fingers get sore quickly).

Well, here is something else you can love and hate.  Casserole is a gui tool that encapsulates some of the functionality of nodetool.  Right now, it primarily monitors clusters, but the groundwork is in for performing operations as well.

As the readme says: this tool currently sucks.  It hasn't been tested much and I've only worked on it at odd times over the last few weeks.  If you find bugs, please report them!  Even better, fix them and send me pull requests.

I've got branches that target 0.7-beta3 and 0.7-rc1 (yes, things are still changing too much IMO).  `ant run` should get you off the ground quickly.  Sorry: no 0.6 support at the moment.  My plan is to maintain Casserole as long as there is interest, or place it in cassandra/contrib if there is interest for that.