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20 October 2004

And for todays listening enjoyment...

A random sampling from todays playlist:

* Born on a Train -- Magnetic Fields
* Abigail, Belle of Kilronan -- Magnetic Fields
* Smoke -- Bedhed
* Love Is Lighter Than Air -- Magnetic Fields
* Cure For Pain -- Morphine
* Smoke -- Bedhead (again)
* Animal Nitrate -- Suede
* Anymore -- The Samples
* Felo de Se -- Bedhead

I've got iTunes set to play the "most played" songs, thus making them even more played.

I will apologize for my terseness now: I am sorry for being so terse.

Ok, here goes: I like "Born on a Train" because it conveys movement. "Abigail" is wistful, and I always like that in a song. "Smoke" speaks of other places. "Love is Lighter Than Air" is just downright fun to listen to: "Summers gonna turn into fall/Me and my baby doll never went to the beach."