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18 October 2004

Off the Wire

We finally severed all ties to Qwest. I was tired of paying upwards of $40 for a line advertised at $25. It is over now. I will not have to deal with their "recovery fees, "universal access charges," or any of the other extraneous changes they have managed to come up with over the years. Man, I am glad that is over.

We have only our cell phones now. Props to the legislators who made it mandatory for carriers to easily port cell and land lines back and forth. Since last November (the deadline for availability) we have ported our cell numbers to a new carrier and just last week ported our land line number to one of the cell phones. I feel more empowered now, as a consumer, to "stick it to the man" by taking my dollars elsewhere when service isn't up to what I think it should be.

The 21st century isn't everything I thought it was cracked up to be, but it is getting better.