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04 October 2004

Netsol Stinks

Back in the day, you could only register domains with Network Solutions. That is when we first started using Last year, after finally had access to a public IP again, we decided to stop paying $$ a month for hosting and do it all in house.

So we shopped around for a different registrar to do the transfer. Being smart like I am, and wanting to get my moneys worth, I decided to do the transfer as the domain was expiring. But guess what: Network Solutions won't let you do that within 60 days of expiration. That's 20% of the year. So my brother ponied up the $35 extortion fee. (I was ready to abandon the domain then).

In May of this year, I decided to do the transfer again, this time three months before expiration. I thought this would be enough time. I transferred the domain to Hostway, our new registrar. even shows up in my site control when I log in there. But get this: Network Solutions said the transfer never happened. That is false. And of course, I didn't know anything about this until the domain expired (I thought it had been transferred and renewed for a year).

So now, we've walked away from, a domain we've held for quite a while. Network Solutions says it will take 60-70 days to re-register. Apparently it takes them a month to release the domain, and other registrars are free to register it about a month after that. The details were all fuzzy of course. In the mean time, I grabbed

The bottom line is that I think Network Solutions is a low-down company and will do anything to keep you paying their exhorbitant registration fees. For those of you who are looking for a good registrar, I recommend Hostway. I've been with them for a year now and their service is excellent.