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01 November 2004

My Apple Pro Keyboard

I use Mac OS X at work. Every day. I love it.

I got bored recently and started to examine my Apple Pro Keyboard, model number M7803 for those who are interested. It is a nice keyboard. I have had it for about a year.

I turned it upside down to examine the bottom and was totally disgusted. I couldn't tell exactly what I was looking at, but I imagine it all falls into one of three categories:

1. Something that has fallen off of me, i.e., dead skin cells, scabs, warts, nose hairs, etc.
2. Pieces (crumbs) of snacks.
3. Form that has falling from the hanging ceiling in my office.

None of that stuff particularly interests me. Bad design, Apple! My keyboard now grosses me out. I know all of my keyboards probably end up like this, and I am not a very messy person either. I shower daily, but I am not comfortable with the knowledge that I place this thing on my lap every day.

I wish there were some way to go back to the state where I was ignorant of the detritus making home in my keyboard.