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10 November 2004

My Experience With Alert Cellular

If you live in Utah County (Utah) and are looking for someone to sell you a cell phone plan, might I recommend that you stay far and clear away from Alert Cellular.

We bought T-Mobile contracts from them at the end of 2003. We wanted new contracts this year so we could get free nights. No big deal, so we went back. They told us we were eligible for new phones plus a rebate ("upgrade" was the term they used), so we bit. I mean we were buying a contract anyway.

The phone is a Samsung 225r and after spending a day with it, I understand why they paid me to take it. I didn't expect much, but I was told that it was comparable to the Nokias we were currently using. And they are pretty much the same feature-wise. But what I didn't realize until too late was that the battery needs to be charged pretty much every day.

That is kind of pointless, especially when the Nokias needed a charge about once a WEEK.

We got the phones on Saturday night. Wednesday morning we decided we had enough. It was time to take the phones back and get out of the commitment (you can see where this is going).

No dice. They won't take them back. I am afraid to say we won't be coming back when we need a new contract either. Someone else will get that commission.

So in a month or two, after we get the rebates for these crummy phones, I'm going to stick my SIM card back in my old phone, give T-Mobile a call and have them switch everything back over.

By the way, T-Mobile is a great cell service provider. What I cannot understand though is how this piece of junk came from Samsung. I have a Samsung laser printer and digital camera, both of which I am very happy with. Hmm...