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07 December 2004

Id3 Library

I have thrown my hat into the ring of id3 tag software. A ring, I have found, that is littered with corpses of dead libraries.

My libary is called id3. Its main focus is supporting the reading and writing of simple text frames without messing up everthing else.

I am sure there are bugs, which is why it is at version 0.01. I highly recommend that you use it at your own risk. It is available in source and binary form, and the license is flexible.

In other news, I've made great strides towards finishing my mp3 auto-tagging software. Now that I have the ability to read and write id3, I think it will be simple to get the rest going. The backend search code is written and working fairly well (the right indices make every bit of difference!). I just need to finish the web service and client portions.

I have some reservations about making the service widely available though. On the hardware I have (300 Mhz PII) it will only support a limited amount of requests. If it does get popular, I plan to move to dedicated hosting (something like linode) and charge for queries. $0.01 per query seems fair. Automatically tagging 1000 mp3s will only cost you $10.