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14 December 2004

Web Services for Java, Anyone?

Maybe I am not as good of a programmer as I once thought. I mean, I tried. Really hard.

I thought it would be good to use web services in an application I am building. The fit seemed right. I would expose the services then the type of client would be flexible. At least that is what I thought.

I probably made my first mistake by deciding to use Apache Axis. Axis itself wasn't very flexible, which gave me the impression that web services weren't exactly what I needed. The problem was that I was able to deploy one class as a web service just fine. But when I needed an additional class (not a web service), all heck broke loose. The class could never be found. (Or so I thought. The Axis errors I got never told which class couldn't be found.)

So I decided to go with servlets with HttpClient. Neither of which I have a terrible lot of experience with, bu I know that I can do what I want with them.