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08 April 2005

Garden status: 8 April 2005

I started tomato and pepper seeds at the beginning of March (8 weeks before last frost). They are doing well. The tomtoes are about 6"-7" and not too leggy and the peppers are about 2". Next week I hope to transfer them from their peat pellets into pots and stick them in the cold frame. Getting the tomatoes outside should help with the legginess.

Last night I rented a sod cutter and broke ground on the new garden spot. I transferred the sod to cover the old area (leaving the compost pile exposed). It took me less than an hour to remove the sod from a 20'x80' section of ground--about the same time it took me to do 2'x10' by hand several weeks ago.

The ground in the new area is poor clay. It will take quite a bit of work to get it in shape for a garden. I plan to add quite a bit of composted manure, plus some humus if I can afford it.

Tonight I plan to plant melon and squash seeds in my pellet tray. We're about a month away from the last frost.