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03 August 2005

Garden Status: 3 August 2005

I haven't done much updating about the garden. Basically, everthing has been growing. The harvest is just starting now.

Peas were great. We had a June that was nice and cool, so they grew well. None of them ever made it into the house though. The kids and Nicole pretty much consumed them on the spot.

I am pulling out about one yellow squash a day now. I hope the plant keeps it up because the whole family will eat that stuff all summer long.

Two Butternut squash plants in different parts of the garden have inexplicably died at different times. The plant would turn yellow, wilt, then die. The second plant died about two weeks after the first. I still have several healthy plants though.

My single Cherokee Purple tomato appears to have fusarium. I have still pulled two fruit off it (very tasty), and there will be some more. Black Krim finally started to set fruit. It will still be a few weeks before I can harvest any fruit.

Sweet 100 (cherry tomato) is havesting well right now. The other cherry toms are just starting to ramp up. In a week I think I will be giving the things away. The beefstakes are still green, but I will have tons of them when they start to ripen.

The onions look good. I won't harvest until fall though. The sweet potato vines are growing like crazy. I saw one baby watermelon this week. That surprised me, as the watermelon plant took SO LONG to start growing.

Carrots are plodding along. Broccoli too. I might not get much broccoli because they bolt when it gets hot. I should have started them about 30-45 days sooner.

The beans are started to produce. I was hoping the variety I planted would cover the bean house I built for the kids, but I don't think they will. Next year though... there's always next year.