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03 November 2005

Fry Sauce Glue

For those who are not local to Utah, I will explain what fry sauce is. Take equal parts ketchup and mayonaise/miracle whip and mix it together. People will argue about the ratios, but that is basically it.

Jack, my 3-year old son likes to put the stuff on his fries, but not like the rest of us do it. He takes the french fry, either bites it half or tears it, and then dips both halfs in the fry sauce.

"Not a big deal," is what you are probably thinking right now. But I am not finished.

After the dip (double dip?), he then proceeds to "glue" the french fry back together. Then he tries to eat the french fry. Sometimes the fry sauce supplies enough cohesion and the french fry doesn't fall apart on the way to Jacks mouth. Other times he must use both hands (one for each half).

It is proof that the apple does not fall far from the tree. When I was a boy, making s'mores always gave me grief because I wanted the chocolate melted like the marshmallow.

My solution was simple: bore a hold in each graham cracker and the chocolate and heat the whole mess up together. This worked fine most of the time. There were a few instances when the chocolate got too hot and ended up in the fire.