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09 March 2006

Guster and my Wife

I had to post this somewhere...

Nicole typically doesn't care for my music, and I don't really care for hers. We try to keep it friendly. But to compensate for this basic imcompatibility, we make little musical jabs at each other when we can. Our favorite way is to pretend the other's musical preferences are so tasteless/meaningless that details aren't worth remembering.

Well, I bought us tickets to an upcoming Guster show, and I've been hearing it from her. These are all direct quotes from the last few weeks:

Her: "How much did the Duster tickets cost?"
Me: "Umm, you mean Guster."
Her: "Yeah, whatever."

Her: "Have you found someone to watch the kids during the Mustard
Me: "Umm, you mean Guster."
Her: "Yeah, whatever."

Her: "Where do you keep your Buster CDs? I want to know if the show is worth going to."
Me: "Guster! And you can't have them."
Her: "Yeah, whatever."

And it doesn't stop. I'll be getting this treatment until a few days after the show.