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03 March 2006

Garden 2006: The Fun has Started

Our weather has been in the 50s this week. It got the best of me yesterday--I had to do something.

I have been lazy in the past when it comes to onions. I have never got them in before May. But this year is different--I did it yesterday.

I took a few minutes in the morning to do a garden layout. The potager books I have been reading have really inspired me. My 18'x34' plot will be transformed into about 8 beds. The onions will split the middle down the 34' length.

Onions weren't the only thing. I completed (more or less) the growing shelf I have been thinking about for the last year. One problem though--it is too tall. I will need to trim about a foot off the top so I can get it into the house.

After it has done its job this spring, I will paint it and move it out to the back patio to grow plants on. It will be a nice addition to the back yard.