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20 May 2006

Garden 2006: Starting Out

Everything is in the ground except beans, which I plan to put in today.

I had good success with the lights and growing shelf. Towards the end of April I moved the whole apparatus into the garage so the plants could get used to cooler nights. That made it easier to take the plants outdoors for hardening off.

I have finally figured out how to harden off my vegetables: I did not lose a single plant to wind or sun this this season. The trick was to do things gradually.

And I abandoned my cold frame. I would like to use it in the future, but it just needs to be more convenient.

Here is what I have planted, everything is from seed: tomato (pink accordian, indian stripe, moskvich and currant), artichoke, watermelon, yellow squash, acorn squash, butternut squash, huckleberry, bell pepper (green and red), chile pepper, cucumber, zuchinni, chick pea (black-eyed bean), and peas. Oh, and tobacco.

I've probably left off a few things.

The only plant that isn't doing to well is the artichoke. This is the first year I have ever tried them, so I have a thing or two to learn.

I'll post a photo when I find my camera.