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08 February 2007

You're From Texas

My two boys used to watch a lot of Spongebob Squarepants. It was a cool show before Nickelodeon started showing it 14 times a day, it was on every kids lunchbox, there was a complete Spongebob childrens bathroom decor, etc.

Frankly, I liked Cow and Chicken better, but that was another time and network.

One of the Spongebob episodes that will not soon be forgotten in our home is the "Texas" episode. Spongebob had a stale comedy routine that everybody booed at. He realized that if he made fun of squirrels, people (fish mostly) thought it was funny. So he changed the routine to make fun of squirrels, centering on the notion that squirrels are "dumb." Sandy is the token Squirrel of the show. Sandy is also from Texas. Therefor, all Texas is dumb. Pretty funny.

My favorite line from the episode takes place when Sandy is shopping for groceries. She goes past a child and mother. The child notices the squirrel. The mother's line is something like, "Don't get too close to her. You might catch some of her STUPID!"

Pretty funny.

In our house, we try not to call each other words like "dumb" or "stupid." But brothers being brothers, they have to call each other something when they're mad at each other.

Well, in our house we frequently hear this:
Gavan: Hey, give that back.
Jack: No.
Gavan: You're a meanie!
Jack: Well, you're from Texas.

If you haven't figured it out yet, being told that you are "from Texas" is the same as being told that you are "dumb" or "stupid."

This took on whole new significance when the boys realized their father really is "from Texas."