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09 April 2007

Google Apps for Domains

I have resisted the urge to embrace Google for a long time now. It scares me to think of what they're doing with all that data. Eventually, we're going to hear that "it's people! It's made out of people!" And Google will have become a real corporation and we will not be able to trust that they will do the Right Thing anymore.

I started using Gmail about a year ago, with much trepidation. It won me over.

And I find myself giving in more...

...And more.

Also, for a long time I have been administering a few personal domains. It's been a pain keeping the data backed up and worrying about hardware failures. A few weeks ago I did a little reading about Google Apps for domains. It is free for personal use and very small businesses.

After a week of use, I think it is worth it for the email administration alone. I don't care much for their page creator (way too limited, even for casual web creators like my wife), but really enjoy the ease of use and reliability it gives me for email.

Give it a try sometime: Google Apps.