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09 September 2007


Here is a Magnetic Fields show recorded in Toronto, 2004. Old, but if you're a MF fan, it's good stuff. I don't know how I've never come across it before. The sound quality is excellent, by the way.

I'm looking forward to the new record, due out in, umm... 2008.

I ought to post a few updates since this will probably be the only post this month or next.

  1. Sadie (I call here "Sadie-my-lady") is doing well. She gets up usually once, sometimes twice a night. It could be worse.
  2. Things are going well at the new job. I am uncomfortable with a few things though. If I don't go into details in the future, the big deal is this: At the last job I was one of the sharper pencils in the can. But here, at the new place, I am the dullest. In the long run, if I can hack it, this is probably a good thing for me. I'll come away from it a better person. But in the mean time, it's killing me just to keep up.
  3. Garden--dropped off the radar when Sadie was born. I've managed to go out and pick a few tomatoes here and there though. And we've also got a honkin' big pumpkin waiting for Hallow'een.
  4. My TV listing data runs out on Saturday unless I find time to upgrade my MythTV system. I've already shelled out for a Schedules Direct account, but haven't managed to put everything together yet.
  5. School started and the kids are liking it. I can't wait for soccer season to finish though.