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11 May 2008

Sunday Dinner

After some encouragement from Nicole, I have decided to start taking photographs of some of our meals.

Preparing a good meal, and making it even better by enhancing the presentation has been a pastime of mine for years.

This dish includes:
* Grilled wild salmon, seasoned with garlic, lawry's salt and crushed black pepper..
* Grilled zuchinni and straight yellow squash, seasoned with salt and crushed black pepper.
* Potatoes, seasoned with a bag of baked potato seasoning.

Of course, the parsley is from our garden.

This is a typical dinner in our home. Meals--at least the ones I prepare--emphasize ease of preparation over ingredients, except that I use fresh ingredients whenever possible. I am not afraid to use convenience seasonings (lawry's or a bag this-or-that) versus the spice rack. Each has its place in my kitchen.

By the way, this meal could have been better if:
* bacon has been included in the potatoes. Mmm, bacon!
* butter on the fish, instead of cooking spray.
* something to sweeten the zukes/squash. The sear marks would have been more pronounced too. I think next time I'll glaze them with a tablespoon of honey mixed in 1/4 cup of water.

Tomorrow night: broccoli. We have some that has been sitting in the fridge long enough.