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16 February 2005

Photos and Tagfriendly

Photos are up now. The hard drive on the machine hosting this site is only 1.2 GB and it has about 140 MB left on it. My pictures are about 400 MB. Do the math.

So what I did was use smbmount to mount a network share to another machine in the house (one with lots-o-space) and host the pictures there.

I also restored the Java ID3 pages. (Not that people are using it anyway.)

Things are coming along nicely with Tagfriendly, my MP3 tagging application. Someone pointed me out to the other day. Their software is good, but has an up front cost and yearly subscription for the Super Tagging service. I think if Tagfriendly is priced at free or $0.01, then I will be able to beat them on price.

Sexy GUI is another matter though. Tagfriendly definitely doesn't have that.

You can check the status of Tagfriendly by visiting the website I have created. It still has not been released yet.